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Sohum Patel & Ashvin Kuri (1 December 2017)

On Friday 1st December, two OHs (2017) Sohum Patel and Ashvin Kuri, attended a lunchtime seminar with MedSoc to talk about their experiences of getting into medical school, and what life is like at the very beginning of medical training. Sohum is at Cambridge, and Ashvin is at Queen Mary’s.

Current MedSoc Chairman Puru Thambiayah, and Nick Holmes joined the seminar and reported;

"What was impressive about their talk was the fact that they ‘demystified’ the whole experience and were very re-assuring: “If you get accepted to do Medicine then you will be able to cope”. I liked their comments on work ethic – “get the balance right...make sure you work hard and put the hours in where necessary but also make sure you give yourself time for recreational activities". Sohum notes on what he put together before his interview were brilliant as it would help our boys know what ‘extras’ they needed to prepare before their own interviews (e.g. reading around the topics; hopefully the Aske Projects would come in useful as well)."
Mr Nick Holmes' (Senior Tutor, Middle School)

"It is fair to say that there was a large amount of excitement that filled my fellow medics and I when Sohum and Ashvin pleaded to return to Habs to say hello to their teachers of the not so distant past and to give a talk on their experiences on their university lives so far. Indeed, some of the rumours and myths surrounding this subject area has been an excellent source of gossip for the Haberdasher for many years!

Nonetheless, their laid-back approach to their talk and use of anecdotal memories to illustrate their points was very effective. Both of them, having held high ranking positions during their time in the Upper Sixth, shone through since they spoke with confidence and eloquence. They also catered for our requests of targeting the applicants with interviews at the most competitive medical schools (Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial etc.), and their advice was incredibly valuable; the art of note taking, how to tackle difficult and stretching questions, how to maintain a work/life balance etc.

All in all, I think this goes to show that Old Haberdashers are an excellent source of advice when it comes to future generations of Habs boys especially during this time of uncertainty with educational reforms and the political climate that we live in. In order to maintain the success of our University Applications and the intellectual curiosity of the school's societies; it is imperative that the work of the Foundation continues and long-lasting bonds with old boys are strengthened."
MedSoc Chairman Puru Thambiayah

Thank you Sohum Patel and Ashvin Kuri for your support, it was truly appreciated by the boys.