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We are Habs, a strong, happy and supportive community committed to the pursuit of excellence in education. We trace our roots back to the 17th Century. Our founder, Robert Aske, established the principles that guide us to this day. We give talented and ambitious young people the opportunities they need to succeed in life.
Our academic performance speaks for itself, but we know that great exam results are just the beginning. A Habs education prepares young people for fulfilment in a world that demands flexibility, creativity, resilience and critical thought. Habs Boys and Girls step into that world with confidence, ready to shape the future and open to a lifetime of new experiences.
Our horizons are wide. We are a diverse community and we nurture a global perspective and a deep sense of responsibility for the world in which our pupils will lead and succeed. Our broad curriculum and co-curricular provision prepares pupils for success wherever their passion may take them.
We work together, offering the best of single-sex education in a co-educational environment. Habs will always be the best place to learn and the best place to teach and work. When you join the Habs family, you will be part of our community long after your schooldays are over.

Habs Boys gets creative with The Big Draw event

Between November 14 and 16, the Art Department held a very exciting event for the entire school community.

Titled ‘The Big Draw’, the three-day event saw all students and staff invited to a one-hour workshop in Aske Hall. There, they each budding artist created a small tile of a much larger ceramic installation, now seen hanging in the Taylor Building.
Arriving in the hall, students and staff were briefed on the task of creating an abstract tile, featuring whatever imagery came to mind. Creative tools ranged from a rolling pin, plastic knives and a square template, to a pine strip of wood, block of clay, paint brush and slip. With everything laid out ready, the rest was left up to the imagination.
Frankie (7J) loved the experience. “I got stuck in and went with it, creating a tile with my own ideas which resulted in something that I was unexpectedly quite proud of. I thoroughly enjoyed the session as I am sure everyone else did. It made me feel happy and the spontaneous creativity was great fun.”
Frankie was one of many students hoping there are more workshops to come, with many benefitting hugely from the opportunity. A big thank you to our Art Department for organising such a community-driven event.